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Golf Swing Tips I’ve Been Trying

For most keen golfers, the sport is something that requires a certain level of commitment and dedication. There is a good reason why it suits those with a meticulous nature. And why you’ll often see serious enthusiasts practicing their swing on a solo lap around the course.


For me, golf is about precision, but it is also about having that keenness to learn. Some of the golf swings tips I’ve been trying can be tricky to master at first, but they have the potential to improve your technique. Take a look and see if they feel right for you.


Swing Tip One: Lower Your Grip


To bring the height of your shots down, you need to restrict the height of the follow through. The further down you place your grip, the smaller the ball flight will be. You can, as an alternative, use a more robust stick and attempt to soften your strike, but this is less of a certain result. It is easier to grip low during the finish and create a shot will a more modest flight.


Swing Tip Two: Line up Your Spine


For this tip to work, you’ve got to be on plane right at the top of the arc of your swing. It will give you a better chance to hit the ball with force and precision. As a general rule of thumb, you forearm needs to be parallel with your spine. Keep your wrist even and level, so that your arms and elbows make a neat triangle. If you can do this, you’ll know that your upper body is ideally placed for the backswing.


Swing Tip Three: Thumbs Down for the Strike


If you’ve got a tendency to hook the ball, you need to prevent the clubface from closing too quickly. This can be achieved by using a thumbs down method upon strike. Having your thumbs directed towards the floor is one way to decelerate the process and avoid shots that mistakenly move off to the left. Conversely, slicers need to be adopting a thumbs up stance and a faster close.


Swing Tip Four: Your Body Is a Secret Weapon


Of all the golf swing tips I’ve been trying, this is the most important. It is easy to forget that power needs to be directed from the core of your body, as opposed to your arms. To do this, place the club gently behind the ball at the point of address. At this time, your body should be in a dead stop stance. Now, attempt to, essentially, ‘yank’ the ball off the ground, but take care not to backswing. It will feel strange at first and you might need to practice the motions.


Swing Tip Five: Get the Elbows Involved


There are a number of high profile golfers who like to swing with their elbow hanging loose. On the other hand, there are others who never swing until their form is perfectly neat and tidy. Ultimately, both techniques are good ones. They can both be successful in the hands of the right player. However, for a powerful draw, you should keep the elbow tucked away. When it hangs loose, it lifts the shoulder and negatively impacts the downswing.


Swing Tip Six: Hinge Your Wrists


It is common for golf newbies to struggle with making clean iron shots. There are several reasons for this. To begin with, the takeaway is almost always too close to the floor. This prevents the wrists from hinging fully until you’re already deep into the backswing. Also, the arms simply swing too far backwards. Far from stirring up a stronger strike, this degrades the stance and decreases distance and precision.


Swing Tip Seven: Open Faces Mean Slices
You’ll end up with a slice if the face is open at the moment that the strike hits. Or, if your swing trajectory is not what you’d like it to be. Golfers who are prone to slicing have a propensity for travelling too much outside in, when they should be carving out a path that leads just slightly from the inside.

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