Limitless Glass Tiles


No longer does the word “tile” reference a monotone grid of squares in a kitchen or bathroom. The development and usage of glass tiles provides an unlimited amount of decor options. When selecting glass tiles, you need to consider the style, color and pattern that best meets your needs.

There are several advantages for using glass tiles. Glass tiles offer an outstanding visual appeal. Since glass reflects light, it makes a space appear brighter and larger. Glass tiles are low maintenance. All you need is window cleaner and a cloth to keep them clean. Glass tiles are translucent. This allows color to show all the way through the tile which provides a sense of dimension. Glass tiles are environmentaly friendly. They are made from recycled glass and are recyclable if you remodel at a later date. Glass tiles are capable of being used in multiple areas of a home such as: a kitchen, a bathroom, accent walls, inside flooring needs, and fireplace rounders.

With all of the available options, you are able to use unique glass tiles to incorporate aspects of your personality. You are able to use one color and one shape and change a monotone area to an area with an ombré color effect. Glass tiles are available in all types of geometric shapes. You are able to mix geometric shapes and have designs that appear that you have used unique glass tiles. The specific styles available are sparkling, clear, frosted, colored or textured glass. One consideration that may help you decide on a style is whether or not you plan to match the new design with existing decor. You may decide to use unique glass tiles to add visual appeal to a specific space that needs something eye-catching. Also, you will discover that the glass tiles can be arranged in an endless array of patterns. This allows you to add an even more distinct design to your home. If you imagine a design, then glass tiles are capable of bringing your design into existence.